Our Approach

The Social Innovations Institute & Lab™ takes participants through a process of innovation that transforms both emerging and established leaders and their companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. The Social Innovations Institute & Lab™ is an intensive sustainable innovation process that includes idea exploration, testing and plan execution to hone entrepreneurship and innovative thinking skills while developing, and eventually executing, new or improved business models.  Through interactive workshops and curriculum modules, participants from a variety of disciplines will imagine, refine, and pursue their own enterprises and innovations to solve social problems. They will learn from experts with real-life experience and research knowledge how to create social sector market opportunities, design new business models, and attract both seed money and sustainable funding from philanthropic and government sources.  Our hybrid lab framework provides participants with the tools and knowledge in the form of lectures (concepts) and modules (self-study practice) directly into the hands of social innovators across the globe.  By putting the tools and knowledge into the hands of social innovators across the globe we build the capacity for SOCIAL INNOVATORS AND ENTREPRENEURS to change the world.

In partnership with CGFNS INTERNATIONAL participants can submit for a professional Social Innovations and Enterprise Certificate of Achievement (SIEC).  The Professional Certification demonstrates proficiency in SOCIAL IMPACT; DESIGN THINKING; FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY; POLICY; and MARKETING.